Oscar winning actress Joan Fontaine has died aged 96

j f.jpgactualité cinéma, cinéma, Joan Fontaine, Olivia De Havilland, décès, Usa, Fin d'année noire pour le  monde des stars. Après Paul Walker, Maurice Pialat, Kate Barry , France Roche (madame cinéma d'Antenne 2) Peter O' Toole hier,  c'est la grande comédienne Joan Fontaine, sœur d'Olivia De Havilland qui a tiré sa révérence. ..

The Hollywood icon, who maintained a bitter rivalry with her sister and fellow actress Olivia De Havilland, passed away from natural causes in her sleep at her home in California on Sunday. Fontaine's assistant confirmed the death to the Hollywood Reporter, a fitting end for the star who once told Vanity Fair, she wanted to die "in bed" alone.

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